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Sustainable Groundwater Management Act


These maps are PDF files and can be large in file size. Please allow several seconds for the larger maps to load. (broadband speed) and be viewed. The quality of these maps allow for considerable amount of detail when zooming in. It is recommended to use the latest version of the free Adobe Reader to avoid any other problems viewing the maps.


PDFChino Basin Legal Boundary and Legal Description

PDFDepth to Ground Water Contours

PDF2012 Chino Basin Groundwater Elevation Contours (30.2mb)

PDF2012 Chino Basin Agency Water Service Areas (1.97mb)

PDFChino Basin Hydrogeology - Areas Of Subsidence (1.7mb)

PDFChino Basin Groundwater Flow Direction & Relative Velocity (1.2mb)

PDFChino Basin Precip stations used in Model (6.13mb)

PDFRecharge Basins Locations (<1mb)

PDF2012 Chino Groundwater Basin Management Zones and Surrounding Basins (31.5mb)

PDF2012 Contamination Plume Map (33.2 mb)

PDFConverted Parcels and Eligible Parcels for Conversion and Voluntary Agreements - Whole Basin (6.89mb)

PDFConverted Parcels and Eligible Parcels for Conversion and Voluntary Agreements - Conversion Area 1 Only (5.89mb)

PDFMWD Agency Service Connection Map (1.7mb)

PDFMWD Member Agency Map (<1mb)

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