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Sustainable Groundwater Management Act


Technical Reporting Requirements

Current PA-7 Data

2013 Amendment to the 2010 RMPU Sections 1 through 8
2013 Amendment to the 2010 RMPU -- Appendices

2010 Recharge Master Plan update site (offsite link)

Wineville POC Final Project Report Summary
Wineville POC Final Report

OBMP State of the Basin Reports:

2016: State of the Basin Report (Single Download)

2014: Cover and TOC   Introduction   General Hydraulic Conditions   Basin Production and Recharge   Groundwater Levels   Groundwater Quality Pt. 1 of 3   Groundwater Quality Pt. 2 of 3   Groundwater Quality Pt. 3 of 3   Ground-Level Monitoring   References

2012: Cover and TOC   Introduction   General Hydraulic Conditions   Basin Production and Recharge   Groundwater Levels and Storage   Groundwater Quality Pt. 1 of 2   Groundwater Quality Pt. 2 of 2   Land Subsidence Monitoring   References

2010: Cover and TOC   Introduction   General Hydraulic Conditions   Basin Production and Recharge   Groundwater Levels   Groundwater Quality   Ground‑Level Monitoring   References and Appendices

2008: State of the Basin Report Part 1 of 2   State of the Basin Report Part 2 of 2

2006: State of the Basin Report (Single Download)

2004: State of the Basin Report (Single Download)

2002: Initial State of the Basin Report (Single Download)

Ground Level Monitoring Reports

2016: GLM Annual Report

2015: GLM Annual Report | App A-Monitoring Data

2014: GLM Annual Report | App A-Monitoring Data

2013: LSC Annual Report | App A-Monitoring Data | App B-Comments & Responses

2012: LSC Annual Report | App A-CCPA Report | App B-Monitoring Data

Order on Motion for Approval of WM Long Term Plan

MZ1 Plan | 2015 Chino Basin Subsidence Management Plan | MZ1 Summary Report with Appendix A | Appendix B to the 2015 Chino Basin Subsidence Management Plan

Prado Basin Habitat Sustainability Committee

2016: Annual Report of the PBHSC - Water Year 2015/2016 (July 2017)

Maximum Benefit/Hydraulic Control

2017: Annual Maximum Benefit Report   Appendix B to the 2017 Annual Maximum Benefit Report

2016: Annual Maximum Benefit Report   Appendix B to the 2016 Annual Maximum Benefit Report

2015: Annual Maximum Benefit Report   Appendix B to the 2015 Annual Maximum Benefit Report

2014: Annual Maximum Benefit Report   Appendix E to the 2014 Annual Maximum Benefit Report

2013: Annual Maximum Benefit Report   Appendix D to the 2013 Annual Maximum Benefit Report

2012: Annual Maximum Benefit Report   Appendix C to the 2012 Annual Maximum Benefit Report

Final Chino Basin Maximum Benefit Monitoring Program Work Plan

Ground Water Modeling

2013: Chino Basin Groundwater Model Update and Recalculation of Safe Yield Pursuant to the Peace Agreement

2007: Final Ground Water Modeling Report   Appendices to the 2007 Final Ground Water Modeling Report

OBMP Phase I (1.1 MB)
The OBMP Phase I report outlines the program elements the parties will utilize to maximize the groundwater and related resources known as the Chino Groundwater Basin.

CBWM Recharge Master Plan - Phase II Report (folder view)
The Phase II Report outlines the Basin's plan for improving Recharge opportunities for imported, storm and recycled water recharge.

Dry Year Yield Report
Wildermuth Environmental Inc. have produced a four volume report for the Conjunctive Use Storage/Dry Year Yield Program.

OBMP Chino Basin Dry-Year Yield Program Expansion Project Development Report (folder view)

Recharge Update
Monthly report on the recharge activities. (folder view)

Balance of Recharge/Discharge Report
The Watermaster was required to prepare and file with the court a report on Recharge & Discharge, safe & operating storage and cumulative effects of transfers within the Chino Groundwater Basin.

Chino Basin Desalter Authority Chino I Expansion and Chino II Desalter Project - July 2004 Progress Report

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OBMP Semi-Annual
Status Reports

Status Report 2017-2

Status Report 2017-1

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