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Current Adopted 2023/2024 Assessment Package (Based on Production Year 2022/2023)

Watermaster levies assessments to cover the annual budgeted expenses and replenishment obligation. The replenishment rate includes the current Metropolitan Water District's (MWD) Full Service Untreated Tier 1 Rate, Orange County Water District's Connection Fee, and the delivering agency's surcharge. To view prior years' Assessment Packages please see the Section below.

Current Adopted 2023/2024 Assessment Package (Based on Production Year 2022/2023)

Current Amended Budget 2022/2023 and Approved Budget 2024/2025

Watermaster's budget includes Administrative costs, Debt Service, OBMP and Special Project expenses, and Replenishment obligations. The budget also includes other expenses incurred by the Pools that are funded through Watermaster.

Current Amended Budget 2022/2023Approved Budget 2024/2025

Audited Financial Statements Fiscal June 30, 2023

Watermaster's financial statements are prepared in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. Our internally prepared financial statements are audited annually. Audited Financial Statements are included in Watermaster's Annual Reports. To view prior year's audited financials please see the corresponding Annual Report in the Section Reports - Annual.

Audited Financial Statements

Investment Policy as of January 25, 2024

Watermaster's investment policy is reviewed, updated, and adopted every year in January. This policy is effective from the date of its adoption until the next annual policy has been adopted.

Adopted Investment Policy

All Assessment Packages

All Assessment Packages are available to view.


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