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Chino Basin groundwater management and Watermaster

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Pool Committees

Appropriative Pool

March 14, 2019

Non-Agricultural Pool

March 14, 2019

Agricultural Pool

March 14, 2019

Advisory Committee

March 21, 2019

Watermaster Board

February 28, 2019

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A Message from the General Manager

The mission of Watermaster is “To manage the Chino Groundwater Basin in the most beneficial manner and to equitably administer and enforce the provisions of the Chino Basin Watermaster Judgment.” After having dedicated the past 25 years of my career to water management, I can tell you how challenging, yet rewarding it is to work with stakeholders to administer the Judgment and preserve a resource as vital as groundwater in Chino Basin.

We are driven, collaborative professionals who truly value the spirit of teamwork. For us, management of this vital resource means working with technical and legal experts, and staying connected with all stakeholders in the Basin, as well as governing agencies throughout the state. Our vision for continued success is to add value through high quality work, be transparent, and educate stakeholders on the many provisions of the Judgment, which will enable them to effectively manage their share of the resource to benefit their customers.

We are currently concluding the first ever reevaluation of the basin’s safe yield, an effort that has required a robust technical evaluation and thorough involvement of all the parties to the Judgment. At the conclusion of the safe yield reevaluation, we are planning to participate in creating a storage management plan that will leverage the available storage in the basin to the greatest benefit of all the parties. As with the safe yield effort, this will also require technical analysis to better understand and select management options, and to balance storage with the hydraulic control of the basin.

Chino Basin is among the largest groundwater basins in Southern California, and certainly one of the most actively studied and managed. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested to protect and enhance the basin, and support the near $1B economy of the region. I am incredibly excited to be part of this, and to lead our dedicated team as we do our part for more than one million people that call this area their home.

Peter Kavounas, General Manager


The Chino Basin...

The Chino Basin
Victoria Recharge Basin
DeClez Recharge Basin
Recharge Basin Improvement Project
8th Street Recharge Basin (View to the South)
8th Street Recharge Basin (View to the North)
Lower Day Recharge Basin
San Antonio Channel
Turner Recharge Basins
Day Creek Channel at Lower Day Basin
San Sevaine Recharge Basin (View to the West)
San Sevaine Recharge Basin (View to the North)
San Sevaine Recharge Basin (View to the East)
San Gabriel Mountains
Etiwanda Debris Basin
Etiwanda MWD Turnout
Onsite MWD Turnout Valve
Eastern Drainage Channel
Desalter Wellsite Construction
Turnout Valve Installation
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