Current AGENDAS for Recent or Upcoming Meetings

Current MEETING PACKAGES for Recent or Upcoming Meetings

Watermaster Meetings

Watermaster Meetings are normally held in the main office located at 9641 San Bernardino Rd., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730. Other locations may be designated depending on the structure of the meeting. Participants are notified as required. Special meetings, may be called at any time by majority vote of the Watermaster Board. Subcommittee meetings may occur at any time to discuss issues relating to a particular project or topic.

All meetings are open to the public, unless properly designated as a confidential session. These meetings are held to update all committees on the overall projects, programs and activities of Watermaster.

All Watermaster meetings are notified to the Active Parties by "Agendas" and "Minutes" that are documented by the recording secretary. The minutes constitute notice of all action reported through discussion of the Agricultural Pool, Non-Agricultural Pool, Appropriative Pool, Advisory Committee and Board Members. All copies of the minutes approved are available for public review.

Watermaster's meeting schedule changes frequently throughout the year. To keep you informed of all events in a timely manner, click here to view the Watermaster schedule of events.

Archive of Past and Current Meetings and Events

Each link below will take you to the archive page for that meeting or event. You can find all available meeting minutes, packages, recordings, etc. from past and upcoming meetings.

Watermaster Board

The Watermaster Board meets regularly at 11:00am on the fourth Thursday of every month at the Watermaster office.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committe meets regularly at 9:00am on the third Thursday of every month at the Watermaster office.

Pool Committees

The Appropriative, Non-Agricultural, and Agricultural Pool Committees meet regularly on the second Thursday of every month at the Watermaster Office.

Special Committees

In addition to the Pool and Advisory Committees, special committees have been formed to handle various projects withing the scope of the Optimum Basin Management Program.


Watermaster will occasionally host various meetings and events beyond its regular meetings. These may include special workshops, field tours of the Chino Basin, and commemorations.


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