The Chino Basin Watermaster routinely produces various reports, including but not limited to; technical reports, financial reports, and the activities undertaken by the organization. The frequency in which these reports are published may range from every six months to every two years. The reports are divided into four categories; Engineering, Financial, Annual, and Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).


The section includes reports and documents routinely produced by Watermaster and the engineering consultant, West Yost, pertaining to implementation of the Optimum Basin Management Program; examples include the State of the Basin Report, Ground Level Monitoring Committee among others.


Finance includes: Watermaster's Annual Budget, showing the anticipated expenditures for the fiscal year; the Assessment Package, detailing how the funds for the budget is collected; and a third-party Audited Financial Report, ensuring the accurate accounting of those funds.


This section includes Watermaster's Annual Report. The Annual Report encompasses the activities that occurred during the fiscal year. Additionally, the report includes the Assessment Package and Audited Financial Report that were produced during the year of the report.


SGMA includes reports and documents pertaining to the Sustainability Groundwater Management Act. The Chino Basin Prioritization and Bulletin 118 are included here along with Watermaster's annual reporting requirements pursuant to the SGMA.

Chino Basin Sustainability Report

This report is produced periodically and provides an overview of the significant events that occurred during the year and how it's related to everything else in the Basin.


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